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221 pregnancies. J. AW Smyly (24), in 6.455 maternity cases
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administration. With small or therapeutic doses of caffein, there
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is frequently seen in this condition. Still others think a neu-
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cells in the spinal fluid. The latter point has some bearing in the proper
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a variety of conditions, desiring in this manner to determine the
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July 15, 1912, and September 3, 1912, at points to be hereafter desig-
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I, Hygiene of Infancy. II, Hygiene of Childhood. Ill, School
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January 1978/New York State Journal of Medicine 135
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C. A. Hamann, M. D. O. T. Schultz, M. D. W. H. Weir, M. D.
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payment for the services rendered. It is, therefore, suggested
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The Physical Welfare of Policyholders and What Life Insurance
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Medical Adviser to the Commission on Conservation for Canada. 8,
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convey the idea that asepsis is to be entirely disregarded. He merely wished
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The addition of a new term on the very first page of the second edition
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of bowel discomfort to a previous confinement, following which
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differed from caval blood only by the addition of renal and adrenal sub-
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had followed the application of the Finsen light, even in patients who
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kerosene emulsion, the plant lice will be destroyed before they hatch
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Please describe type of practice: a) Solo? b) Association? Please describe the
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"It should seek cooperation with the medical schools of the con-
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eliminated by one kidney, did bad results follow the chosen oper-
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grouped under the forms of stimulation which characterize
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first, he simply had to be a 'good fellow' with them to become
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gator who gives his life to the study, of necessity often in the
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one-third clay and manure.^' uZ Z "Z'lu '" """' "°» "»
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The eighty-seventh regular meeting, being the annual meeting, was
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in casos suspectate de morbo discal lumbari, le EMG pare
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to the hospital (22 per cent). After putting the patient on con-
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water with a sponge, not with a brush; the washing is fol-
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tion is due to organic disease. The clinical history will also reveal
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of the case, and there is a range from this to the compulsory
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pack well a large lumbar pack seems to have a favorable
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The sutures are obliterated and the Haversian canals are
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eously with the epithelial lesions. It is not very likely, therefore, that
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*e top. For this pumosT «-. ^5?, "' " "*"* »"« ««tre rf
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practice plus equipment. Four bedrooms, maid’s room, central a/c. Ideal
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the graft, as in heterotransplantations, cannot here be con-
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management and careful clinical monitoring is defi-
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tion of the principles underlying the purification of water by
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amount of blood for a short period, whereas the calorimetric method
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and a small allowance by the Western Reserve University Medical
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been passed through a sieve of wiie or other cloth, either while milking or
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presence of circulating toxins in the blood. The splanchnic vaso-