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passes four signs — “Health Food,” “Soul Food,” “Junk

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pulmonary hemorrhage, when it has occurred, be the cause of pulmonary

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From the age of twenty she was subject to frequent attacks of

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extremity fractures precluding effective use of a walker.

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resistance” mainly effects skeletal muscle, leading to a


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when he enters the hospital. Nor do they disappear when

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Box J-233, J. Hillis Miller Health Center, Gainesville 32610. Tel.

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lates 2,500 grm. of material, which disappear in 24 hours, by the

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combined severe deficiency of both protein and calories.

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It is essential that such monitoring be done by members

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"sittings," and the patient was discharged cured. He presented

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agencies or services which can assist you, the physician,

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example, niacin deficiency and Korsakoff’s syndrome in

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dosage— principally ventricular tachycardia and severe

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parking lots; extra cottage. Dr. L. Polskin, Box 15966, Honolulu,

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a professor of anatomy, and the other of mathematics, have been

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lungs. As to the second point, whether extravasation of blood in the

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weak heart, whether of fevers or chronic disease. I have used this drug

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Medical School, Gainesville, Florida. Personal Communications.

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pluriparae; 5 being of a trivial character, 1 only requiring the injection

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His case was an eminently unpromising one — a great cavity existing, no

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M.D.; Charles P. Hayes Jr., M.D. ; Walter G. Jarrell, M.D.;

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Medical Association’s Physicians Recognition Award for

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Association of Tacoma, Washington, had been cranked

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lants, that he believed the remedy would in some cases be found useful.

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to dislodge the large stone. No bad symptoms followed this

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were no cerebral symptoms, which he drew attention to because it was

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cases the interference was considered necessary, in consequence of the os

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With regard to the effects of spirituous liquors on the health and

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disguise the treatment. The assumption is made that a