ase), special white petrolatum qs; in tubes of 1 oz
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contains impurities and may cause toxicity by virtue of
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there were other cases in younger subjects where the arrest of develop-
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ide) is the amide analogue of procaine hydrochloride
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Total Hip Replacement Surgery, Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research, 197*
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situation, it would seem that heavy drinkers, even if they
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the patient, and foreboding danger. The breathing is stridulous,
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some would have us believe. The treatment of the complications and
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RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association continue its
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answered regarding this subject. Problems involved in
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Dr. Enneking is Eugene L. Jewett Professor, and Chairman,
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that the disease was of syphilitic origin. On the contrary, he imagined
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suspected of having glaucoina or prostatic hypertrophy Use with
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entire secretarial and clerical staff, have done more for
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haemorrhage in its relation with phthisis. It seems to me that the weight
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been successfully performed are as yet few, and such instances as
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the risk of rigors and subsequent irritative fever.
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Florida. Married, age 36. Contact: Leon L. Tan, M.D., 1515
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care takes place in the office, away from the hospital
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infrequently, in major reconstructive spine surgery,
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on the inner side of the joint, a dusky shade overspread the greater
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exercise of discipline and self-respect. To be first in
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new views ought to be pleaded, and by the verdict of which they must stand
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microfilms or other original records is to be allowed
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course of the skin disease. Some patients in the initial
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been the subjects of sun-stroke, more than once in an individual who had
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brief or long duration in both diseases and does not
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* Dr. Kidd in the Proceedings of the Dublin Obstetrical Society, Dublin Quarterly
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enough nutritional education to appreciate adequately
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to be associated with less obesity and better self image
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After he had been in hospital for some days he was attacked
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awareness which will be aimed at hospital medical staffs and will be