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16. These include all the cases in which contacts were examined
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live. She is still alive fifteen months later, and, apparently, after a
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dots. Plexus choroides and vena galeni full of air. Thalami and
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Of these nine, all but one had characteristic cicatrices of previous
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into the spinal cord, and general atrophy of the brain may follow.^
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varies also in the same person, and an individual who has resisted through
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all their cases, whether terminating fatally or otherwise, most of the
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agar. The plate method was chosen instead of the direct method of Klein (9)
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your influence with that body for their favourable consideration.
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site next to a red corpuscle with blue stippling (Fig. 69); (c) a red
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arthritic pains accompanying the papillary 'eruption, and the glandular
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cent, were caused by pneumococci belonging to Types I and II. Since
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teriolos.y began to cast its first faint gleams of light upon
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with directions to resume the inhalation of ether if pain or spasm
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ed. While we concede the highest sense of integrity and honour
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'Absent. ||In place of Elbridge W, Pierce. fin place of
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have been realized by experience, nor is this remarkable, when we
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On the 4th day it was 39.4°C. In 2 weeks a sixth injection of 4 cc. was given
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little or no novelty. His testimony to the usefulness of opiom in
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2. That a membranous and vascular layer remains even in cases
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infant, it was a week old, and exhibited the symptoms of trismus
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during a season of the direst calamity, the volume is, also, especially
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ing from one point to the other. The neck was often drawn back-
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mal and the uvula straight the cause is usually peripheral, e. g., cold. In
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mococcus by the presence of slight turbidity. Such bacteria retain
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Dr. C says, **I passed twenty-four hours with this patient, and had
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Several formulas of preparations that are not strictly
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will pay them to use it; besides it is a sure and safe
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The glomerular changes in streptococcus infections have been
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which eventually leaves a discolored, retracted cicatrix. This ulcer is the
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age having been referred to this source, among those more advanced
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5. In tertiary and latent syphilis, mostly infections of the central
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long period, probably from birth ; but of this we cannot be certain.
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