rarely fatal. Severe hemorrhages may also occur from enlarged, vari-

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course, and in an instance under my care in a lad of 14 'years, the

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lack of development of the normal structures. The morbid changes

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Fiedler, Koester,^ and others, as valuable in mitigating or even aborting

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streptococci by an unclean needle, etc. Repeated congestions of

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are moderately swollen. A dirty ulcer often remains after the slough

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morphin (gr. \ — 0.0216) combined with atropin (gr. yi^— 0.0005). This

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verted into a dense fibrous band, with only a vestige of the former liver-

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tains the blood vessels and the nerves which supply the teeth.

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islature. After a body of homoeopathic physicians had appeared

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valve, and "forming a row of bead-like outgrowths." Their seat corre-

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unless they do good at once they are not likely to be of any use. In a very

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"Voted, That it will be the policy of the Board of Trustees of Hos-

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Definition. — A chronic infectious disease communicable from per-

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be dependent upon disturbances of the menstrual function or quite fre-

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met with less frequently are as follows : 7. Osteoma; 8. Enchondroma;

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of young sheep or calves are carefully separated from the connective

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the latter may be diminished or absent. The lesions found in these

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cent, solution of cupric sulphate, and, if peptone be present, a purplish

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ent the stools are thin, pale, sometimes fermented, emitting offensive

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his observations. There are many causes and associated affections that

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Striimpell, Banti, and Bruhl also regard it as a distinct variety of anemia

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tissues is quite apparent under the skin, and affords a positive means

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murmur to reappear, and I have seen such an occurrence in a case asso-

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gout (g. g. leukemia) shows that this factor is not the sole cause of gout.

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We have, however, with us the one through whose efforts

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salicylate (.5j to 5J — 4.0 to 32.0) has been recommended, while an ethereal

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verse myelitis of the lumbar region, for instance, there will be paresis of