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always containing a great amount of malic acid, excite a painful irritation, the

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manner the improved state of health in London, and how much life is under

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disparity between the two pupils was noted (a much more important

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other prosperous cities, in the social ameliorations and blessings of long life,

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renders expedient a separate notice of each of the two parts.

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plication of numerous surgical apparatus without an acquaintance with the prin-

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that of a boy, aged nme years, who had had acute rheumatic

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cupboard and observed a sprinkling of white powder and a small pot con-

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injurious or disagreeable than the simple, old-fashioned

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severe injury or a capital operation, is of course a complication greatly to be

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relation with this nervous apparatus are more or less altered

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medal to its author. We shall attempt a concise analysis of its contents.

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and her weakness had been increasmg up to the time of her admis-

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The cold stage continued twenty minutes; the preceding had been of an

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marked ansssthesia of the feet, very considerable disturbance of the

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or any of the popular factors of "colds." This congestion

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accuracy and ability, describes another form, slightly difiering

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known that, in 1855, the towns of Yolo and Larissa were attacked by the pesti-

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haps, the more heinous crime of the two is the laying hands

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on the face, is generally multiple, and has, unlike the lipogenous,

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within thirty-six hours of the appearance of the' disease ; there existed

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posed to have been poisoned, was disinterred a fortnight after death, and

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the business of human life. The plant which yields guanara is

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author was placed during the late German war in fayorable circum-

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doctor. We need only add that large quantities of liqui

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Plaster. By M. Donovan, Esq. — It is a common opinion that blistering plaster

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many cases the serum i'.self is deep red; and moreover, in the ordinary plans of

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attached to the inverted^uterus. Dr. Schnorr separated the placenta^

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least, occurs with each bowel movement and for a con-

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pletely to wet it all over, at the same time maintaining the external pressure. As

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an ovarian cyst, and punctured. The sacs or cysts are always

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