to obtain urine free from contamination. The method of H. A. Kelly is as
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Many others say that the cases without a discoverable primary disease
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Ergolzthal, near Basel, and various parts of the Rhine country, South Ger-
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the earliest cases of goitre enucleation (Sick, 1867, reported by Bruns in
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The fresh glands have been used raw or slightly cooked or dried (Glandulae
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stronir salt solution, mustard water and zinc suliihate. Certain other
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these cases the patient was greatly benefited, although all were extensive.
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respiration regular, and the circulation was renew-
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was immediately impressed by the remarkable size of the hands as com-
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of the larynx, and joined in most cases (80 to 85 per cent.) by a middle lobe
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study of the geological relations of goitre. He finds that endemic goitre
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