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Sir, — I have found the opinions editorially enunci-
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society he could have claimed protection and support
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Pope, might truly have complained of " that long dis-
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patient was attacked immediately afterwards with dread-
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•which the primary impression impinges, and from which
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of puerperal convulsions ; but this l^^tter disease might
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direct attention to Dr. M'Clintock's valuable observa-
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rods, accurately applied throughout their entire length
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to be addressed to a general, not a local failure ; and ia
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word arjainst Mr. Hairkins; and one letter is merely
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besides the correction of the proofs and the completion
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sixth of the iris close to its ciliary attachment. By this proceeding,
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much relieved. But another fact presented itself in
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in some degree to lessen its virulence,* And if this
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be seated exclusively on the veins, and for the most part
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immunity from syphilitic disease amid the troops; and
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none of the children could suck, but were spoonfed; and
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By David Nelson, M.D.EcHn., formerly Physician to the
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The medical service of the army has shared in all the
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which shall be an indicator of the end of the process ;
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chester Medico-Ethical Society, which some time ago re-
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symptoms at a time when convalescence was apparently
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T. Heckstall Sjiith, on intermittent fever. He said :
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powerful medicines having fallen into disuse. It may
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ing, and death (the "mummification," as the French and
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latter opinion, and the profession has unanimously en-
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Gimlett, Hart, M.D., Surgeon, to the Asia, for the Hannibal.
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pectoris," and the latter an abiding difficulty of the re-
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at the annual meeting of the Association in 1859. He
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cond plan — that of plugging the canal by invagina-
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tion, had appeared in the witness-box on the side of
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had, a few hours before, a serious disagreement with
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periods by various eminent individuals, proceeded to
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mote antiquity. This certainly is a highly favoured
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portation of Peruvian bark for five years ending IHIO was
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Dr. Thudichum finds to be essential to gall-stones;