in the Cathedral. Great pains were taken to render this service as com-
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preventing him from sleeping. Micturition was frequent, giving him
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directly pr.actical bearing. A former physician to the General Hospital
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The unsettled state of Sicily renders Palermo an unfit resort ; and
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agreed with the President's remaiks. He thought that the paper was
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and It is more especially of these that I can speak, as a section was
Anatomy and Physiology, commenced his course of lectures on Tuesday,
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had great pleasure in offering to Dr. Sibson that distinction which
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Gentlemen intending to read papers or report cases, are requested to
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and Mr. H. A. Reeves have been appointed Assistant-Surgeons. The
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bowel with an appropriate apparatus. Calomel, cathartic extract, neu-
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being cleared out, and it is expected that the foundation-stone w-ill be
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control- and somewhat identified in interests. It is regarded as certain
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made to the Government for it, including many from distant parts of
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courses of Surgery, one of Surgery and one of Practical Surgery. These
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more than once found in coarcted retinae, but I did not regard them as
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Association, and to report to the Committee of Council before the
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tell them what the system ^\as. [" To-momnu niffi->i:!!g."~\ To-morrow
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says that the wooden pavilions in use there have, after a trial of five
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it is said now to number 10,000 inhabitants. The South Downs effectu-
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the steel framework. It is to be used in the following manner. The
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we oppose that Bill, with the design of ultimately introducing a better ?"
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experience wxre a bar to the full privileges of manhood.
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least remarkable feature of this migration is, that it affords an illustra-
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able series of skulls of different races ; a section devoted to the teeth ;
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Medical and Sanitary Report of the Native Arpiy of Bengal for the year i86g.
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distinctly understood that there may be several gentlemen at the different
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bloody expectoration. It was clearly a case of penetrating wound of
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such — most of them had a simple hemispheric form, and none of them
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Paratonerres : How erected, and theory of their- action. Returning;
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personnel of the school. At the Newcastle Infirmary, Dr. C. J. Gibb
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tumour, and were connected with the negative pole of a modified