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with relative rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, medal with clasp, and Khedive's

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Ckossfield. .Arthur Kyffiu. L K.C.P., L R.C.S.Edin.. reappointed Medical

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left uncoloured, an observation which agrees well with our

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wiih small doses of the "virus fi>rt," generally attenuated

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Annual Meeting. —Dr. T. Whitehead Reid was appointed

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solution (20 c.c.) in a single dose, or of still larger quantities

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cross-examination by Mr. Walton, Q C, he stated that he was bringing

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Case hi. — Aged ti years. May r.tb, hsiiij, suffering from prodromata of

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Surgeon ; doubly qualified. Appointment for six months. Salary at

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sample. The red occurs in the headings of a book, or of cer-

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assist by communicating their experience to Dr. Cameron at

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pressed on them from outside. Of course, once accepted,

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of all vagrants for a specified period being one of them. Vaccination or

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yi. Coquet, already known as the architect of the Lyons Hos-

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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable

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lished in full. I then said: "The object of the Hyderabad

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of the Republic and Madame Carnot were present, and the

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ness electropathic belt, who, as admitted at the trial, defrayed

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facts. In considering the causes of headache, the question

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" that meaning a five years' course of study in obstetrics."

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conference concluded were desirable, and would obviously be detrimental

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country the more stringent, as a rule, were the measures

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CHESHIRE COUNTY ASYLUM, Macclesfield.-Janior Assistant Medical

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an extent that the patient seemed al^jut to be sufi'ocated ^he stated tliat

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covering the npper part of the cord, and the medulla and

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connection with the recent epidemic was the freedom from the disease