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real object the restriction of medical progress. We as a school
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many difficulties. These are deserving of a brief consideration.
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The interest of the students of the College of Liberal Arts is
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vice of Dr. Talbot than to any other one man. Personal sacrifice
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may pollute both the air and soil about it. The kind of waste to
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logical condition. , Pupillary reaction sluggish; tendon reflexes normal.
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trouble " is a lie within the knowledge of any reasonably qualified medical practitioner.
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Complaints Committet—Drfi. Geikie, Fowler, Logan, Thorburn, Douglas.
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"43. Q. — What did he say to you with reference to those advertisements ? A. — I can-
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difficult to be the author of a habit of which one afterwards be-
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made on bodies destined for dissection at the hospitals to test the results
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a thousand years. Vaccine therapeutics has done more to pre-
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when the attack comes on. After the attack is over she can
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done by the 1st of August as well as after the Ist August ; if done in that time it would be
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touchy if in case of emergency I send them a substitute or an associate."
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stipation will place the patient after a time in the list of incurables.
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ing physicians and their guests. The Hospitality and Entertain-
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