hours, and then the gallic acid mixture was resumed.
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Dr. Mullen recognized the President, Dr. O. William
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also similarly affected, producing, anteriorly, sub-lingual distension,
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with him, and they were obliged to send for him (Dr. Darby). The os
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quotation of Edmund Burke, which says: “The only thing
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some of his comrades did not give him help, and he then suddenly
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least every four months for risk factor reversal. The
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obstacle in the way of dietary change is lack of motivation
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within jurisdiction of the Council. This, of course, is
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tions, leads to trouble and loss of time. Each part, moreover, is
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A stone thrown at the right time is better than gold
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Compensation patients frequently resist returning to
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its employment, as well as the difficulties to be overcome in the
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timely assistance relieve the sufferer from her distress, and her offspring
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being utilized with increasing frequency. During any
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the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and later received a
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to me, is imperative as soon as the infant is able to draw
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around meals. The family should encourage the patient
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be required. A simple way to calculate calorie and protein
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recommends it as an addition to the ordinary plasters and ointments
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attempt to define what part malnutrition plays in immune
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Extreme caution is required in attempting to adjust
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energy that is being expended by certain of our county
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International Health through the Christmas Sharing Care, Fall Conference Bazaar, special luncheons and dinners,
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status which will probably end up in the courts. Again, no
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are added up — for the endoscope operator, the use of
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Ira H. Gessner, M.D., Gainesville, Fla. Assn, of Pediatric Cardiolo-
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Myocardial infarction and stroke have been reported with tricyclic antidepressant
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The advantages of the endoskeletal type are that the
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may be an early sign of the syndrome. The full-blown syndrome may not develo:
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interest in orthopaedic surgery in Florida is the work in
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