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sustained by numerous recorded cases, I was induced to try it
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Hays, been treated homoeopathically. The patient, an athletic
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to most of the so-called spontaneous local affections.
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weekly soir^eSy at which they enjoyed the pleasure of combined
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ually increased until its effect upon the severity or frequency of the par-
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Cylinder, 40 gallons' capacity .•..••<>••• 6.00
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are engaged in active life. In the remeltnbrance of the virtues, the
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score as bloodletting and other depletory and depressing measures. Clin-
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disease is not speedily arrested. The differences in different cases relate
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are ascertained events which are constantly present, and, therefore, having
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symptoms. Tn the exceptional cases in which these sj^mptoms are suffi-
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Prof. Zenker, of Dresden, was the first to ascertain the nature and source
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open to inspection, and making the information thus obtained available
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quantity is sometimes slight and spread over the surface in a thin la3'er
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Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment ......... 333
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This case demonstrates the powerful action of the diu-
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emitting an intestinal odor. Under these circumstances, a fatal result is
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entering into many cases of disease, especially among females. The
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occurred, Dr. Meigs, from the symptpms of which the patient
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buted a curative influence to the inhalation of tar vapor, creosote, and
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conglomerate mass of sufficient size to give rise to obstipation. In a
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parallel between the separate prisons of England and our own,
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Medica, and Experimental Therapeutics, Anatomy, Histology
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panied by laryngeal irritation and cough, is a frequent affection, known as
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sharper angle to the posterior edge. There does not exist in the human
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duced by the febrile movement; and, after a commotion of greater
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very fully by Cruveilhier under the name gelatiniforni softening; also
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prisoners were sentenced to separate confinement in the convict
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posterior surfaces of both the upper and lower lobes. The}' are genei'ally
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several portions of the mass have been examined. Cancerous formations
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school, and was sent, before he reached his tenth year, to the
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Please use the term "LAPACTIC PILLS, S. & D.'S." w^hen prescribing these pills.
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A post-mortem examination was .made by Dr. Gobrecht, on