liferated nuclei and numerous processes (the so-called Deiters's cells),

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neck of the bladder, which may be a symptom of organic disease, as in-

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The departure of measles from the ordinary type is best studied

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be done is to separate the cases into three subgroups, which are, however,

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over-exertion, especially by over- walking in very young children. Trau-

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serious objection to their use when there is high fever ; the cotton batting

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treatment would seem to be local antisepsis. Unfortunately, however,

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DEFINITION. Enlargement of the kidney due to the formation of

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dians ; that it should never have appeared in Ulinojs until the arrival of

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by the crowding of people in limited quarters, and especially by the pres-

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are more likely to be made manifest during the second week. Localization

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puscles in the cubic millimetre. Variations in the result of the calcula-

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within reach of a first-class surgeon is most pronounced, and sometimes

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present therapeutic character and use of mercury. Have diseases so

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ment, but is in many cases similar in its origin to hydrocephalus of later

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that the preference should be given to pure oxygen.

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nephritis of diphtheria and of many other infectious diseases, or there

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chronic tonsillitis. Children with enlargement of the tonsils are subject

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used. The presence of lactic acid is to be determined by Uffelmann's

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hand in the act of writing : paralysis of this centre causes agraphia.

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and give rise to extensive loss of substance. Islets of mucous membrane

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blue may be present. The darker colors represent a more prolonged and

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ness and disorder of sensation in the upper extremities, followed after a

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physician, the solicitous interference of attendants, and the hurried

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impression so powerful in temporarily affecting the return of the fits, that the

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above mentioned are unaffected. In chronic gout the kidneys are fre-

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but rational to conclude that the derangement of the entire sympathetic

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Oxaluria becomes increased when certain articles of food, especially to-

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Although the mixed cases vary so much in rare instances as to baffle

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tom. Indeed, not infrequently it affords temporary relief to a sense of