This is, as it is stated by the author in the preface,
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treatment, which for most people is an extreme hardship. Fortu-
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may be said to be indispensable,, to the study of the economic aspects
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noon session a suitable resolution covering and con-
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The pathological changes in this cai^e — hemorrhagic serous effusions,
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of the perplexities with little difficulty. Time is re-
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to one which he remembers from a book, although the object or con-
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medical journal, would publish the attached story in
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Ellis, Sam St. Louis Fish, Virgil O St. Louis Gashwiler, J. Schooling Novinger
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the lesions are not very prominent Frequently it brings to light Incipient cases which
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was followed : hydrolyzing for two hours with 1 per cent hydrochloric
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tion, and written permission is given by an inspector of the Bureau of Animal Industry
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filiformis was present on the child’s cheeks. Three
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,li,l „.,t ..ause anv paralysis of ih. limh ^^hi.■h had n vered from the
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ing, with evidence of either a rupture of the rectus
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ties: Adair, Chariton. Clark. Knox, Lewis, Linn, Macon,
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good fellow, a bright, sharp, generous, business man. * * * He is a millionaire
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bft to soak several hours in H2SO4, and then rinsed in tap-water and
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22, the patient was reexamined by roentgen-ray. The
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lation; tubercular lymphadenitis of the mediastinum; extensive tubercular
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upon your relationship with your patients, and what
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An illustrative protocol for each of the above groups has been selected
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t,;,.ts ha.l oxis"to.l. Who., at this stasro a s .n.l .'ut was ma.lo aoross
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Stearns, T., Wilson, D. W.. Janney, J. H., Jr., and Thurlow, M., Studies on
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logical departments of the University — one of the ideals of the insti-
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dipped in water, while the body of the mare remained dry. In both
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process, as was at one time argued. It must arise at a very early stage
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equilibrium with the air, the Ph ranged from 7.6 to 7.76 in different
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node: In this section are extensive hyalinized areas in the centers of the
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fe.'l pain. an.l. as lli.y .lev.'l.ip. tli.'ir pow.T .,f .'xi-ressin-^' .•in..ti.iii is
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,.,.,tain ..xt..nt in th.. -lans p..nis, pain r,,rs al-n.. ar.. p....s..nt, an.l
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purine cxcfctioii is distinctly hliilur ihiriiifi Ihr wnhinn Imiirx Ihiiii iliir'nui
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tion, the surfaee cold, the haii's niPlled: and if eare is not taken, the
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tubercle f and his observations were confirmed by von Graefe and
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growth and function are today available in convenient
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