may occur during the height of the disease or in convalescence; the occur-

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(Gillespie, 1896, doubts if the occurrence of albumose

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Typhoid Fever and Paratyphoid Injection. — Previous to the observa-

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should be kept tightly sealed, as it readily takes up CO2 and becomes useless.

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as very contagious. In a small epidemic observed by the writer there were

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stain and recognize the tubercle bacillus. I have examined

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are sound and acceptable or else to describe clearly wherein

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most fatal acute diseases. Striimpell stands alone in his opinion that "pneu-

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every application, name and address of applicants, the ex-

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gradually, in the spleen especially, and here the fever terminates by lysis.

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that of epidemic meningitis, with the exception, as Councilman points out,

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conditions favorable to epidemics and the communication of the disease by

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admit it will not allow the slightest trace to filter through."

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The characteristic appearance of the tongue, on which so much stress is laid

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the condition almost stationary. Such a type of fever always demands

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highest utility, inasmuch as such pressure is very dangerous. When lumbar

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bronchopneumonia in which he demonstrated influenza bacilli he observed

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spray may be applied for a short time by means of an

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symptoms. Sata, who has studied these mixed infections thoroughly, states

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oxygenated blood in the renal capillaries. An increase of

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constant movement. Postcritical delirium generally results from cardiac

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is poured out into Petri plates and dried for a half hour. Then the surfaces

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Leeuwenhoek in dysentery. Further microorganisms in great variety were

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the name be changed to Streptococcus lanceolatus, var. mucosus. Collins'

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alarming, aspiration or opening of the pericardium is imperative. It may be

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the Ganges enable the cholera spirilla to multiply. In most waters in

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How much better for him if he had been prepared by the

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to inquire into the character and responsibility of its bor-

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in smallpox the eruption presents almost the same degree of development all

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and whose urea has fallen to 18 or 19 grams, with a specific

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urine. Bodily exertion or grave mental phenomena in healthy

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ing, and in very many cases the salts of sahcylic acid answer admirably. The

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trachea is not good advice, for many patients have died on the table from the

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statement generally quoted that this is in the late evening hours, sometimes