Between pp. 84 and 85 is a scrap of coarse paper giving the pedigree of " Henry L. Darnley,"
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satisfy myself unless she held perfectly still. In a few minutes,
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a day, which, in a short time, produced its usual specific effects,
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to the scourge, but the better classes are certainly in the
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outlines of one that occurred in the person of a distinguished in-
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are very good substitutes; the mind to be kept cheerful, free from ex-
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Editors Hints on the Cultivation of Therapeutics, 355
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haemoglobin content of the red corpuscles is raised and the leu-
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ing the natural quantity of electricity in any particular part of the
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no complaint of pain, but a good deal of debility. I inquired if the
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diate and permanent, but, in later attacks, it becomes less and
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to quiet the painful symptoms, and to restore, in some measure, the
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Regnauit Janus . Dein Saturnus | Iouem filium egrecia fugiens in ciuitate que ex eius nomine
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The truth of the prevailing opinion seemshardly to have beenques-
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tion, for they have left various statements on record, which show
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intense in its character. Attentive observation will soon convince
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does not take place, and the mucous membrane forms a sort
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tartar, warm bathing, weights, &:c, are resorted to, by surgeons,
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tainty when these causes are brought to act on persons in whom there is
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bring about half an inch of the anterior surface of the rectus
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Out of one Irish regiment stationed at Kurreshee, there had died in one
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thousands," says a great medical writer of this country, and I
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scribe the diffusion of vaccination. — Ed, Recorder,
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of the muscular coat, no writer that I have read, either ana-
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by the cicatrisation of this ulcer. False passages made by
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and permanently to cure them of any form of the affection. With-
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ask the liberty at present to bring the substance of them before
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made in Dissecting a stiff Joint of the Knee." And, lastly, a letter, dated March 5th
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Canada a pour sa part fait les recommandations suivantes:
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a deep pink color, and the whole of the Ergot having settled to the bot-
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that parotid tumours may exist for many years, grow slowly,
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or lymphatic glands, contributes cellular elements to the bloody
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with apparent temporary advantage; but I afterwards used it, and
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Puis, lors de la révision de Tokyo (1975), les différences que l'on faisait dans la
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ou des hôpitaux accrédités par les autorités publiques compétentes;
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serve a similar state of the intestinal tube giving rise to evacua-