fatty degeneration of the left ventricle with dulness extending to the
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reflex, and toxic. These causes are often conjoined; they rarely
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does sometimes thus abort has been conclusively shown by many
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most dilated portion of the varix, the media seems entirely to disap-
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recover sufficiently to allow the impulse to pass normally. This case
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one of the following groups : I. The outline of the heart and the posi-
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Of the total twenty-eight cases, eighteen were in asthmatics, of whom
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nosis according to its degree. Any diminution in the force of the heart
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any nerve or vessel in the neck. Very good results are often obtained
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fect closure of the orifice. In rare cases the valve may be split in
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growing up and of developing into a healthy adult in due time — pro-
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shifting of the function of pacemaker for the ventricles from the sino-
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agents should be the alkalies (the salts of potassium, which may act as
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the lines already indicated ; (3) the adoption of means to calm the
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number of males and females living during the decennium at each age-
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center or eccentrically (Fig. 13). These changes are observed in many of the
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the following are the more important ones. The preparations re-
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cases where the poison is much attenuated the vein or veins affected
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pauses. This is especially noticeable in the first lead, where the abnormal,
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ploring needle to determine between pus and blood. In case of an
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sustained and is cumulative. Thus Pech finds that the administra-
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contain an oxydase ferment, it appears likely that they are lymphoid
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carbonic acid gas. There is evidence that the effect of this upon the
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times as apt to be pellagrous as fathers. Multiplying 17 by 2.3 we get
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nosis of tabes dorsalis was made. Some years before she had had a chancre.
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Kocher 184 has seen considerable reduction in the size of goitres take
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Sometimes the heart beats naturally fast. Thus the pulse of Sir
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physiologist, is constantly in the presence of pathological features. As
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much more unfavorable when the bradycardia is associated with any
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rhythm is the occurrence of initial negativity in the coronary sinus
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ments were devised to study the viscosity of the blood in fat embolism,
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female population, 103 for white male, 81 for colored female and 25
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jugular vein produced a temporary exophthalmos as a result of the