lesion could be found (Fig. 4). Plantar warts are usually
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surgeons should familiarize themselves with the technical
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It can be followed with a trough (lowest) blood level
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Six weeks after birth the child got a gummatous ulcer of the ear,
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etiology of this excessive sympathetic disturbance, I fear it must be
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complaining of a painful swelling in the left popliteal region.
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forefoot could be pulled open and squeezed, giving an
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Dr. Head wished to make a few remarks on those cases of dropsy in
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the organic disease which, having become chronic, ultimately caused the
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passed by the 1977 Legislature prescribing a single standardized health
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characters of the individual depend on the presence of the mammary
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in an atmosphere charged with organic debris, containing the materies
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through these next few days as we study and come to decisions on the
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flet that there was a need to develop direction each year
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entitled, “Can You Survive a Medical Diagnosis?”
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To accurately determine the specific effect of a drug it should be used by
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pregnancy at all or not. These are a very perplexing class of cases, and
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Journal, will receive his M.D. degree from the University of Florida
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treated, if it is bothersome to the mother, with support
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history and physical examination concerning the extent
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Pediatrics before the first year of age. This decision was
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The diet counselor should interpret the diet in terms
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confusion, Mr. Kilpatrick observed, is a result of general
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acid never exceeded 3% in the fat of the British infants.
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RESOLVED, That the FMA extend its most heartfelt wishes to
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been followed by severe hypersensitivity reactions, it is
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is an occasional consequence of impregnation, and to which my present
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continued. However, by judicious restraint his struggles were
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plate was composed of nucleated fibrous tissue, presenting the appearance
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displace equal volumes of water. “Eureka — I have found