wasting away, was to give forth a physiological problem of the greatest
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150 men in his establishment, 50 were total abstainers ; and that these
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temperature below 60 deg. is unfavourable to its progress. These pro-
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over Algiers and Algeria is a moist sea-wind. The same phenomenon,
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bladder. The patient was advised to go to the Cincinnati Hospital and
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I. Natural Pltilosopliy: Mechanicsi Hydrostatics, and Pneumatics. 2. Natural His-
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are apothecaries, and the last is interpreter. They are well provided
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time, the flexed uterus becomes rather less liable to attacks of acute
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in registered lodging-houses, and in only one instance did the disease ex-
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it has long been denounced as useless, costly, and offensive, a com-
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balance by stretching out his arms. There was no trace of paralysis ;
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of the fundus to show changes in a part — the usual proceeding. This
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Latin Classics : Homer, Odyssey, book xi ; Livy, book i. 3. English Language and
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This Examination will be held at the Hall of the Society on Friday
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volving a ho w% fide principle, Knox was prone to be evasive ; while on
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and correspondence with foreign aid societies, and gives directions to
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argument of Dr. Beale, that because, with the aid of the highest powers
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to pay a Fee of £,-i on the morning of the first day of the E.\amination, prior to his
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g;eneral inflammatory enlargement of the uteras, and of the exaggera-
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Professor Allman has definitely resigned the Chair of Natural
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Eighteen months before admission, she began, without any known
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A surgeon. X., takes Y. into partnership, and subsequently disposes of the whole
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then a strong enema of turpentine and castor-oil was administered, and
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east coast is almost sure to increase the bronchial trouble, except per-
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side beyond ten miles from Dublin. Should the Candidate intend to
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nurses, with ;£^50O in stores, to Prussia. Mr. J. Furley and Captain de
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hcemorrhage, we know that it should be stopped by closure of the
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the sick-bearers, litters, and waggons, are detailed to follow the corps
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ease, and, in men, disease of the prostate. There are few diseases less
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persons : it is evident that among this number there may be many unfit
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dical Society, was presented by Dr. Rumsey to the President of the
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fessional Studies during four years subsequently to Matriculation or
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With regard to treatment. Trousseau recommends blood-letting,