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The treatment of diphtheria, though offering fewer chances of
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nation on account of overwork caused by his extensive
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77 ; Professor of General Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy, 1877-83 ;
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padded with cotton-wool. The dressings will be kept in
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use them in the needs of obstetrics and surgery, pleased
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timore was held at the residence of Dr. M. Hammond (an early pupil of Dr. Mc-
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II. of " The Transactions of the American Institute of Ho-
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by the school of medicine now applauding his discoveries, he
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scale, — is to insure him permanent social ostracism; while
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Department of Demilt Dispensary, New York; Professor of Diseases
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all the studies of each year, before promotion to those of the next.
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the method of lota! extirpation are: isl. That it restores
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used his note-book freely, and seemed dull and abstracted. A
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gave internally veratrum album and arsenicum iod. alternately.
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General stupor may terminate rapidly in death ; it may,
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fragments, the comminuted fracture by contact retains its
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fect as this empirical method is, we rejoice to see it, because
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charges from the bowels were thin and watery, and accompanied
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bral, we can understand that restitution of health proceeds from
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In the removal of the meibomian cysts the success of the
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because of the opposition of friends. An examination of the
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