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is necessarily reversed a The left true vocal cord. b. The
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six years previously, and had remained painless, but
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It is in vain that the legislature enacts a plan upon
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fjarinaceons food is rigidly prohibited, the patient will ,
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tion. Valvular aneurysm is found only in the left side of the heart.
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be well considered as powerful elements in the social
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matical accuracy the particular valve of the heart affected — not only
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like many others, to be a specific and a sure cure ;
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cided and vigorous action is the one thing needed. used for this most remai-kable of operations. I have
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the great vessels at the base. This traction or retraction can be thus
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tion of the Report, so as to open discussion. But they
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show nothing of this kind ; rather, as we sliall show,
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Dai-by. The examination was in classics, mathematics,
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them found in the blood are due to reabsorption fi-ora
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exertions of individual members in theii- private capa-
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this disease is once introduced into a farm or home-
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on this subject, — and in it we read : " A useful act,
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thology of choleraic collapse, is to be found in the
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parison of what we see with the full descriptions con-
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vasa vasorum. These changes may be produced at once, as in the
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gular at its anterior third. She was walking in her
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For seventeen years at least, the entire washing of
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from the barracks, is roughly dealt with in its turn ;
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while passing through the perilous conflict, and aid
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to appeal to, nor was it supported by the experience
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the manner described in treating of placenta previa,
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left side of the heart is, in a greater or less degree, im-
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have been inculcated by philosophers from all time as the best
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He was the author of a work on the Hygienic Manage-
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tense pain, horrid fcetor of the breath, tenderness,
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order, pursuit, sequence, and interchance of application, which i»
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non-resident electors, after some such plan as that
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puted and readily admit ; viz., tliat the judges, in
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scientific interest of the spectacle is, that this agent,
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foster the spiiit of unanimity and oneness of purpose
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we do, something like ^£4,000,000 as revenue. Biitish
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capable of depositing its fibrine. That this latter
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known ; and from these few salient traits the great
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purgans" and " Mistura acida cum opio"; and is still
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indicated, to the results we have anticipated from it ;
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