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became much enriched but also confused in the years following the early
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the renal pelvis is involved, and are almost always present in the later stages
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of the examination more certain. In doubtful cases a careful trial with
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• 'onfirniatory results have lieeii seeured hy ol)ser\ ations on mammals
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has been discussed suflSciently under the symptoms. The sclerodactylism
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■ !i>i. To he more exact, we ma\ state that the removal of
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cava (Eck fistula) as in normal animals. Even when the circulation
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and Juergens make it probable that osteomalacia can occur in childhood,
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its use diagnosis of obscure urinary lesions can occasionally be made. The
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convulsions are rare, the condition resembling more the toxaemia of anuria
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Symptoms. — While an exact classification is difficult, it seems best to
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made in establishing the relation of intoxication and infection to the thy-
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tamination with the smegma bacillus, while, whenever possible, separate
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On acccilint of the iri'fit dilVeicnecs whieji we have already scon t"
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failed in practice. Calcium phosphate is but little better. The most
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thymus is normal; they cannot, therefore, be considered, at least in all cases,
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nephritis, where with this there is associated an inflammation of the kidney
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f'niiiliisi is I'- iiiil in the IiI.hmI and tissues u. erall>. 1( has the poi'
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Nasal and pharyngeal abnormalities have been supposed to be responsible
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I ■ . Ti.i. niB !■. --h"»- Ihal \aKn< nay .liniiiii^li ti ln-mi<^i.'M fr.iii. .luii. I.- L.
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Is impossihie to secure licmouloliin of siifticieiit purity to test this rela-
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was equally devoid of nerves, while in the left leg
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those periods. Occasionally there is alternating pulse, with slight or marked
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'letilii'inatod lilood tliroufili tlie Mood vessels of the hrain, and found
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temperature rose more than 20° in fifteen minutes.
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and heats it to a white heat, and Bevan cauterizes the ureteral mucous
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peiid on the IP r\ oils structures. The ar<;iiiiient is however easily refiiti
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Symptoms. — ^The disease begins, as a rule, in a slow and insidious
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.itieed l>y the disrestive eii/yiiies an. I dee.imp.ise tli.-m info proiiuit-.
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later the fact made out that the primary focus of infection is ebewhere. If
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