"atypical internal gout." This distinction is, of course, an artificial one, for

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from carrying weights on the head and neck, etc.) is extremely rare. Sec-

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tions can no longer be expected; on the contrary, there is generally an unmis-

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Prevent the slaughter, for processi^, of birds which can be detected (wnile

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able. There are no fees for practice, nor is there any regular course of

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ing tlie degree of Doctor of Medicine, have instituted a special

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SsianS 1? JiS'^IrJ'r 2«,!?«'*^"L^e9S « tfie Installation to ^ich he Is

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Horner, Violet Olive, a, w, sp, Hilo, T.H. A.B. (U. of Hawaii) '36.

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6. Drawing the mouth downward (M. depressor anguli oris et labii su-

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should be neld in $h<ipe with a fibertcaini box ana tns hot cheese poured Into It. ' This ,

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and paraphasia. In these sensory forms of true aphasia there is less likely

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2. CLASSES - vary from chickens in that more of the divisions are according to size.

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responding part upon the opposite side of the body regains its former normal

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before the First Professional Examination. Such candidates may be

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local treatment, in order to remove any active causative conditions. A change

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(T) Churned or True Buttermilk. Churned or true buttermilk is the fluid that

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reactions, and is dextrorotatory, but is not fermented by yeast. In isolated

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The pathological changes are fatty degeneration and atrophy of the vis-

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departments (approved by counselor), including a satisfactory thesis.

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session in Practical Chemistry, and two sessions in Medical Juris-

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try, advanced biology, elements of the structure and physiology of plants, advanced

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creased liveliness of the ideational life, the frequent and rapid transition

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Ralph Lee Harris, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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cord for about four or five minutes, chiefly through the region where we sup-

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and with what honours. After undergoing the examination, and

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acne, a bad breath, muscular lassitude and tremor, cardiac weakness, dyspepsia,

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marked negativism, resisting all attempts which may be made to get him to

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Only occasionally do we see nerve fibers of normal appearance remaining here

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the respiration, which shows intense dyspnoea, can be performed only by the

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•tutor. Composition fee : The payment of sixty guineas entitles the

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these belongs also the neurasthenic insomnia, one of the commonest and most

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which no anatomical cause for the paralysis can be found; but since our

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Hyde (J. N.). Pellagra and Some of its Problems. Am. Jour. Med. Sc,

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incorporating air until the desired overrun is obtained. The partially finished ice

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occurring in patients with certain forms of cardiac hypertrophy (contracted

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lepsy have the best prospects for recovery : after these, the cases of Jack-

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tack. In such cases we can truly speak of " double consciousness." Proc-

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brachial plexus has already been mentioned above (page 244).

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these conditions may occur independently of hemophilia. Fatty degeneration

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