I have said, it is my definite conviction that the importance of this
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are a part of the whole complex nasal structure. The functions
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scarlet fever, etc., not only disproved this assertion but snowed that there
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What have been our therapeutic resources once the disease
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or suprarenal alkaloid. The latter should not be used until as
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mother crying about it. When ten she had a similar but more severe
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physical improvement, and always with the interest of the individu-
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Dr. Sovereen Windsor Tried before Discipline Committee.
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clusive lesion highly probable, and thus gives important indica-
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cient hot water to keep the temperature at 96 degrees. If the
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becoming thin and greenish in appearance. An examination
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presented by Dr. Ralph Bernstein, of Philadelphia, entitled : "Does the Topical
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against him, does not the presiding officer give the casting vote ?
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flicts of greed and plunder, brought on too often by an insensate thirst for
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Now to get back to where I started, if we are going to put that clause or a clause to
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and Surgeons of Columbia University and the Presbyterian Hospital, The
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that anyone looking at the label would imagine the medicine to be put up by Munyon.
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The President instructed the Registrar to take the yeas and nays, and the Registrar
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6 o'clock one half of the dose of thymol and at 8 o'clock the other
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ear, eye, and throat work in January 1910. About 3,000 a year are
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footed will contract the disease, and men working in the soil will
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when I call upon the only physician that I deal with, I expect to find
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the organs which, in his opinion, were affected judging by the symptoms described. The
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fully 70 per cent, of this number were quite able to pay a medical practitioner at least a
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in what has gone before, it goes without saying no hard and fast
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down the front steps like a bird." Sure enough, she has now reached the
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continuance of the generous support that the medical
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tions of this international work the present one is a distinct pretentious ef-
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with a little hesitation name articles placed in his left hand.
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the mild cases they may be more or less confused with other
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in which his or her place of residence is situated, and to fill up said voting paper on form of
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quence with which he is familiar in the usual books upon the subject.
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remain within the vessels instead of wandering outside. If this
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Institute, delivered an address eloquent with good feeling and appeal for a
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the scenery that opens upon the traveller. He said, "What an
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serves as an excellent indication that it will yield to the first dose.
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such cases. He grew better, very noticeably so; declared he felt
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(5) Simple reproduction may be tested by having the subject