taken or not, to break up and divide the shock, as in the

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of the cinchona alkaloids have been given too largely, tannic acid or an

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in miasmatic intermittent and remittent fever complicated with this con-

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abandoned for both. From the Indians the medicine passed into (K/pn-

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never had the opportunity of trying the remedy in any serious case of

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most acids: by potassa, soda, and their carbonates ; by lime-water and

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add; but Dr. Fuller prefers it simply diluted with water. In reflation

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being worse conductors ; but they are much more apt to ab-

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and a bitter substance which has not been isolated. There is also a

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cles, joints, etc, counterfeiting rheomotism, which are usually continuous*,

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she was not made for these purposes, but the bend, or curve, of her arms,

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Ha odour depends, but which does not appear to have been yet isolated.

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It is too often the case, that those who yield to all their pa-

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chamber ; and the student should recollect that the beef tea

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period, it has been very much employed in different forms of diarrhcBOf

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sequently as 133 to 1, and to that of potatoes as 44 to 1."

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Effects on the System, The operation of stramonium on the system so

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of a constitution more susceptible to injury from alcoholic drinks than

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bitter and somewhat astringent. The colour of the powder is a fine

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alcohol ; showing that all three belong to the same class of agents. Bat

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panied with fever, are as changeable and inconstant, as those

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these pleasures. The seclusion of a student life is

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the thermometer at one time at 79° Fahrenheit, and at ano-

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iinpreHi«iuii nu iik HU"iM»?< . i: n»u>*»h ibt- lJ^'rvllU^^:euTn•^ ln»iu tbeirtorj.K»r.

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ila only eCect being to guard the system against the recurring paroxynna,

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the system are essentially the same as those of the carbonate above de-

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mode of action is unknown, or at best conjectural. It will be perceived

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Nevertheless, it may be possible to find some clue through the labyrinth

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16 cardura light-weight western saddle

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great anxiety of the patient, and which is now, under the name of pity*

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that, namely, of Berberis vulgaris. But it is asserted also to be chola>

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are soflievbftt tuwertmin. Upon the stomftch it ftl$o produces a

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have arisen in the course of ages were its products,

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In the Dublin Medical Press, Dr. Lyons reeommends capsicum very

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part of the ward was close to the temple of Cloacina. The

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the bowels rapidly, acting on many persons like a purgative.

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tablish a change in body temperature with time of day, it is

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or depressing influence following the stimulant? I think not. The real

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DtUuria, the alkaloid of stramonium, upon which its virtues probably

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Fergusson, the Historian of the Roman Republic, used to give a dinner,

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infusiuti is much used, and generally very suitable; but it should Ije re-

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when other remedies fail ; though, as a general rule, they are inferior in

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t>erceptiblc in the breath, and the exhalations from the skin. The oil is

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