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Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group www.dce.org
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and every failure either brushed aside, or explained away.
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The existence of certain cells, in various parts of the body
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Harman found it to be 36-86 ; that is to say, there is a slight
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ous stools, it experienced no decided amendment, and that this did
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therefore, it is very important to distinguish between the former
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thickened, inelastic, and puckered, and leakage occurs ; or
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was implicated in 90 cases ; that is to say, 2^ per cent. Both
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which he has passed under review, he admits not more than 20 in which
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tion and expiration would be performed with difficulty, slowly and
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Begins (1, 1 r°. lines 1-5): + TOY 'EN 'AHOIC TT A T P O C HAAGON BACIAEIOY I
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first two quires of the second work, much cropped, no rubrics (spaces left), fol. sec.
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was practically always very sudden ; only 5 per cent, of the
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loss of bone conduction, usually not more than —10 or
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lapping the lower. When in contact the fatty meibomian
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2. Theophilus (Gottlieb) Siegfried Bayer's Copy of the Great Seal of the Dalai Lama.
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For another copy of this work, see T. 7. 18, and Brit. Mus. Cat. p. 473.
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merable ills to which man is subject would not only be dimin-
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been confined to therapeutics. There is another, and a very im-
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(ii 1 .) (original), attached. 9, 7. 8. are blank, though ruled. 9, 8. was originally attached