symptom, which made me suppose that the brain was the organ chiefly im-

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animal, whenever a single injection of foreign protein is made?

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The gland removed for diagnosis showed extreme sclerosis, but

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subsequently to the compression of the lower portion of the right lung, other-

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her senses, she found she had entirely lost the power of moving her left

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moving them by very gentle means in the commencement, has been

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cles, to show how far it would be retained. The sack is thickened and remains

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Case III.— Observed from November 9, 1905, to May, 1906, and again

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had existed at the bottom of the scrotum, was converted into a small tumour,

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29th. — Phenomena the same as yesterday. The remedy to be persevered with.

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the less will be the resulting traction on its sternocostal attachments.

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neuritis, on the contrary, is continued, while the pain is exasperated by the act

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Bass and Wiechowski that by their method they could determine

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descends, or while the peristaltic action of the intestines goes on, there will be mo-

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but it was noted that the glands of the neck, axilla, and groins were

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testimony. There are, it must be confessed, indications throughout this

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A Discussion of the Manner in which Cerebral Malaria is Produced.

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the striking origin of the epidemic at New London; the coincidence of cause

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of pufling, and professing to make cures in certain cases, without either mercury

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data are shown in Table V. In addition, the number of times that

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are at the pains to examine it are more surprised than profited by its con-

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of which diarrhosa is the most prominent symptom, is often complicated

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laudanum has been added and applied over the pubis, with the administration

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and especially such as are pregnant for the first time. M. Desormeaux adds, that

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communication between it and the fifth pair must exist. After having examined

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improved that he returned to work and received no further treatment.

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bronchitis. (2) The exact diagnosis was made by x-ray (lungs) (Fig. 5).

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thirst much less, and the urine flowed at from one and a quarter to one quart and

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dioxide. In a few cases, though not in all, they were able to demon-

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Par centre il n'y a pas d'augmentation de substance collolde dans les amas cellu-

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sion, he recommends the employment of a truss. The removal of the