with the lids closed, is present in a goodly number of cases, but
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dell. Albumin and casts disappeared in ten days. This case illustrates that a
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reported by reliable observers, but never published by the Kneipp
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velop rheumatism. Batton analyzed 115 cases; he found that within 3
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attention to detail, and perfect discipline of the corps of well-
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during labor should be kept in this room, first having been
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complicated with or preceded by general bronchitis. The heart-power
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hydrotherapy has demonstrated its value most distinctly.
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diffusion. According to Matas, primary attacks are not protective in
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takes the place of the convulsions, and the latter then become of graver
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ble to the various modes of applying water to the skin.
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the general resistance. "While false membrane is most frequently seen on
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this theory almost a score of years previously," and had at that time
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makes good wine this year and poor wine next year. Ask a
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tion of formaldehyde will do wonders in most cases. This
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•"Sunstroke as it Occurred in New York City during 1896," Medical
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time this ration is about correct as to its protein, carbohy-
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tions for the use of strychnine and phosphorus. He is quite explicit
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When 1 first went into practice, I was called to see a man who was
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carefully observed and guarded by frequent examination of the patient,
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true scientific spirit into its study and pursuit, and built upon this
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tained in a number of cases, in more than my experience yet
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