forth ai a shining example to the young men of the medical

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the hydrogen peroxide, a much more intense liberation of

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In a few months the patient would be in as bad a condition as

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institution that this honor has been given to a medical

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1848, with his wife, who was the daughter of a distinguished lawyer

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without pain or suppuration." — British Medical Journal.

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I could eat." This was no ordinary case, for the most simple

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Modern Medicine," "Wilson's American Text -Book of Applied

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necessity of sanitary action, etc., in resisting its inroads, yet

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Medical Association, the Chicago Academy of Medicine,

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Americon Journal of Homa-opathy, a quarterly published in

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Union College conferred the honorary degree of A.M. upon Dr.

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He was Professor of Obstetrics in the Long Island College Hos-

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to the notice of the profession. But the far-reaching sphere of

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but it seemed to gradually diminish in size. There were occa-

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cology to the highest standard of honor and usefulness.

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perversions of the art of healing, some grains of truth

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Peaslce, T. Gaillard Thomas, and Thomas Addis Emmet;

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divisions of the educated physicians of Massachusetts, should

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Dr. Lougee asked if Dr. Porter had ever removed an ovary

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patient will recover speedily in all cases where destructive

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in the field, combined with an impulse in that direction

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into two symmetrical halves. They undergo similar changes

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ciation, He was twice a delegate to the British Medical

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was founder of the American Public Health Association, and was

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itches, or why another smarts. In the case of the nervous lesion,

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fered from him he had only kindly feelings ; freely according to others that which

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He was the son of Thomas Brooke, Member of Parliament,

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often show a wide-spread prevalence of pneumonia, the question

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versity that of LL.D. He was ordained a minister of the Baptist

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claims that the sulphate of macalline will cure intermittent fever

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colored, and excessively fetid ; which evacuation afforded the

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impossible. When there are grave constitutional symptoms with fever from

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nile cataract, well developed. She was able to locate the light

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association with chlorosis is connected with the conditions above mentioned,

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He is also a member of the Society of the Colonial Wars

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were settled in this country in 1640. He was fitted for college at

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directions to renew as soon as cool. A half-glass of milk and

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tralgic attacks, he was compelled to "double himself up," to roll

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Crawford, whose attending physician had thought her

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for one of recuperative rest to brain and mind ; that all needless

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ment, to face carping criticism, virulent condemnation, and even