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the movement the tonic contraction recurs, but not so strongly, and if the
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wet- or dry-cupping, leeches or venesection, ergot, opium or gallic acid
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It is believed on good evidence that the occipital lobes preside over
of the alcohol upon the vasomotor tone. The second stage is one of
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time to time slight vertigo, syncope, and oppression. These seizures may
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present the sensory and visceral symptoms met with in the true form.
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The prognosis is very favorable. Only in marasmic children do the
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membrane takes place, there may occur partial or even total suppression
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In extreme cases the urine may be dark-green in color, while in those
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tions. She will be told to return in two days for re-examination,
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(3) Functional disturbances (neuroses), constant over-action of the heart,
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patient is tone-deaf. The sound is heard, but is not appreciated as music.