much swelling even an external incision may be necessary.
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hemorrhage, albuminuria, bronchial catarrh, and hypostatic congestion,
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it reaches the intestine. Bismuth, especially bismuth with carbolic acid,
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inaaced, the surgeon inserted into the intestine a speculum am^ which
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puric is to be inferred from the extent and severity of the articular
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membrane is very rarely attacked except as the result of distinct local
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sions between the pleurae are present or absent and according to the
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children are peculiarly liable to convulsions after operations. In
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frequency of micturition, and thirst give evidence that the renal arterio-
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phosphates, calcium carbonate, cystin, xanthin, and indigo, may be pre-
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The following dietary is a modification of that of Harvey which we
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It is especially in these centric cases that the condition known as
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pulse, the cord-like character of the artery suggesting a sclerosis of its
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phia. 1866. Lindsay & Blakiston. (From the publishers.)
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When in a case of diphtheria cyanosis and restless insomnia are
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Intermittent hydronephrosis often does not cause serious symptoms,
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tracted headache, followed by an epileptic fit, in an adult should excite
minutest details by the practitioner. At no time should any chilling of
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tion, when it exists alone or is accompanied by only a slight failure of
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brash, or of an acrid, burning fluid, pyrosis, is frequent. There is more
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neh precautions, would equally suffer with others. The object of
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street and alley, in the heart, as well as in the suburbs of the city.
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liquor, but it is still more essential because the person suffering from
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reduce temperature is vital, but is in practice answered very differently
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at all to the electrical current, careful treatment should be instituted.
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In serous diarrhoeas all active exercise should be avoided ; indeed,
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Am^ng the institutions of this city, from which I shall frequently
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satisfactory results are undoubtedly to be obtained by climatic treatment,
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mature entrance of cholera into any given port. Such a thing ie
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may be discharged as a slough. In such cases fusion of the mouth of the
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the exception of pigmentation of the skin, are largely attributable to the
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without much inflammation or lymphangitis. This variety is probably
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various parts of the body, especially in the joints, although at the time
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pated and prevented by a thorough and persistent cleansing of every
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found thickened. In chronic dilatation the mucous membrane usually
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body, the iodide of potassium combines with it, and renders it, by
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albumin in the intestine : hence it is present when there is prolonged stag-
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wakefulness, frequent micturition, or unusual disturbance of vision is com-
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subcutaneous cellular tissues, and even in the joints and bones, soon
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