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results. The treatment should be continued for three weeks, and if at the
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bath. The chemical ingredients used are — chloride of calcium to stimulate the skin, and
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fact that the gland is larger than in health, or there is a history of a
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under the management of the health department, Boston has been kept
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Anatomy, Surgery and Obstetrica, by - ----- R. D. Mussar, M.D.
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wrong, unless with pericarditis we are permitted to include endocarditis.
Sir, — There are some discrepancies, or prima fade contradictions, in
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hypertemia in the head (throat effleurage), and all forms of inflammation, etc. In
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ibe doctor put it into his pocket without looking at them. The gentle-
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allays and stops short the neuralgic symptoms, but while it lasts relief can
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ever, as people will be unwilling to be confined to a room with the ther-
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to the division above the elbow, constitute a pendulum, oscillating ac-
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nately run one blade of a pitchfork through the great vessel of the thigh.
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*-*- -i^«raB«a»*-*FoiCaiB the nuMaa lir a Kewapi4i«r«
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comes more generally known and practised, the proportion favorable for
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yet there was one which he used of his own accord, even more freely
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bonate of ammonia, ^c, before 1 could rouse the system from its down-
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tigation, and that it may throw some light upon the phenomena observa-
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fects oo the system, stramonium, belladonna, &c. &c. The only relief
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weeks, from which he received considerable relief. For his urinary
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through the sanr>e passage. Having found the neck of the bladder, I
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this has occurred both immediately after a fit and during the interval
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Death has been caused by sprinkling an open sore with morphine.
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The season for the Eiviera is from November to May, though not many
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a full and accurate description of this machine will be given in the com-
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occur on the vertex, often along the Rolandic area, and though the condition,
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Fatal Dose. — Five to ten grains would probably be a fatal dose. Death
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long bones, are more often affected than the shafts of long bones. In the case of
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in his opinion, had become alive and grew to such enormous length that
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symptom which had so lone been the bane of life, was almost instantly
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The Eye. — Iritis. — Inflammation of the iris is one of the chief mani-
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in varying proportions. It may extend through the whole length of the cord.
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and I do not think that it is entitled to a separate place in nomenclature.
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stem forming club-shaped masses, and that the organism which produced
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have the maxillary incisors very small and widely separated from each other.
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vitriol, and oil of the root of sassafras ; a preparation which, with us,
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pacity, the head of the third child could not, with the good develop-
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growing the bacilli in a flask containing nutrient broth, to which ^ per cent
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and whose name will never be mentioned by the friends of the hospital,
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On Physiology. Paihology, Therapeutics, and Materia M«dica, - - " Dt. WiO.
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good grounds, that this form may be but an early form of an organism
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