(a) The lesion is cleansed of surface crust, detritus, pus,

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canula. The neck of the pin fits itself into the groove and there

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indicates a definite increase in protein. It should not be confused

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shaking and plot on semilogarithmic paper. The results should be

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Weil-Felix response in Rocky Mountain spotted fever may be of

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infectious agents and range in size from a few millimicrons up to

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In it many amebae and intestinal flagellates, with the

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turns a bright red color. Add 0.1 Af sodium hydroxide so-

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gush of blood followed, saturating all the garments on that

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unknown and the standard is made in the usual manner.

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This action is explained by the author in cases where the strangulation is caused by

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fifth. The moment at the end of the interval of max-

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as the density obtained with the Bratton-Marshall method ; hence

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The patient was placed on a liberal, general diet. All

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the toxine, which their affinity for the latter has attracted, is little short of

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extension from the original seat. One of the most important is local

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patient should be abundantly supplied with cold water to drink. If he is

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pathic Medical Society of the County of Philadelphia, of which he held the office of

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modified Albert stain. Since tellurite is reduced, colonies

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of 40. Very young children enjoy a certain immunity from it. Trous-

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Dilute 1 ml of serum to 10 ml with distilled water and

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size. The growth of CI. parabotulinum is usually more profuse

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On the whole, however, hyperpyrexia is not common. The curve tends to

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soon fell into a sound sleep, from which she awoke about 4 a. if.,

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threshold substances, after passing through the glomerular

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Microscopic agglutination tests may be made by mixing drop-

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factory medium than Loeffler's for direct isolation,

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(1) Conjunctival specimens. Make a slide spread from the

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finished, set the bottle down, immediately insert the

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the larynx, and in this study he appreciates the method of

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and some of their more prominent characteristics. The former

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by intoxication, and it is the latter which produces the really serious

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toxin is embedded in a special agar. The culture to be

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the peculiar character of the offence, and with humane considera-

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bacterial substances, forming atoxic compounds, the bacteria themselves thus

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separatory funnel, while they are connected as shown