castle Infirmary on December 17th, 1869, with popliteal aneurism of
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was available ; and the difficulty was greatly increased by the patients
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any stricture or other obstruction with the finger. The parts on the
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of wife and daughters the roses of which gas and smoke have robbed
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spread through the neglect of the local authorities to carry out the law
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patient that dies in the hospital, by the pathologist or his representative,
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than one hundred. IV. Certificates that he has been engaged in actual
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sented on the Council, may not Parliament require that the various
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M. Reverdin from the profession for the boon which he had confeiTed
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One wing was completed, and its sixty beds were occupied with patients
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vivd voce, on Medical Anatomy, and on the Principles and Practice of
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matory exudation. The absence of any fibre in their composition nulli-
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Staff-Assistant-Surgeon Temple, Woolwich; Mr. Baker, York ; The Secretary of
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Oct. 26th. — At 1.40 A.M., a man, aged 34, was run over on the
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this terrible epidemic. Scarlet Fever, although one of the most contagious of all
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patient, his clotliing and discharges, and the light scales which are
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First Professional Examination, but are recommended to do so at the
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of study may from time to time be approved of by the College, will be
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be kept under observation for twenty-four hours in the urgent and acute
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After some remarks from Mr. Brooke and Dr. Wynn Williams, a
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Dr. Robinson (Gateshead) had fought the same battle as the last
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was of a dense texture and of a brilliant white colour.
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In the Autumn of last year, hand-bills were distributed throughout the poorer
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broken fortunes. At the College of Surgeons, in the polite phraseology
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prevent them. We have little doubt that, when they have fulfilled
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ing to the plan already approved by this Association at their meeting
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