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knoTm, lost his wife by consumption and was himself appar-
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died April 5, after an illness of five years, aged 50.
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106 *A Case of Intermittent Hydrops of the Knee. Geo. W. Cale, Jr.
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favors absorption and evaporation, and the patient is instructed
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the olive. * It is then strained and evaporated to one half. The liquid being
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M. Sanford, De Witt, and John E. Hinkson, Wacousta, con-
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Taberculous Region Through the Lymph Channels. O. Bet-
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also, severe neuralgic pains of the right arm two weeks since, which ter-
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or atoms of the cell the poison is enabled to act directly
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laria. I have brought before you sufficient to demon-
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remarkable increase in the exchanges of gases exists also in the
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Professor of Surgery in the New York Polyclinic. Second Edition.
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time, the cicatrix remained healthy, and the paralysis of the face had
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has been laboriously raised to approach that of Europe, is it
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vulsions ; for the compression of the carotid artery throws the' whole of one
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the foregoing provision, then the reserve value of the policy
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1835. MM. Bineau and Majeste, of Saumur, attended five little girls, who
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She found that gastritis with anacidity usually showed
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much diminished in frequency. All treatment was suspended, and small
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passing or reconstruction of the older methods within
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been unconscious of the injury." In neither of the cases narrated above
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107 Teslco-vaginal Fistula, Spontaneously Closed After Vaginitis.
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Sanitt of Mind: A Study of Its Conditions and of the Means
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Fourth. That all varieties of valvular murmurs may occur without organic
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period when the profuse urination, tormenting thirst, insatiable hun-
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I have .seen postpartum infection of negro women of
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This epidemic deibonstrated the fact that, at least in
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but he thinks that the same treatment might fail in chronic
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and the length of time it took in running its course. It is not an uncommon
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recovery was complete in about a week, the left side of the jaw merely
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win's" experiment shows quite conclusively that the
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cular meningitis: death twelfth day. Reference: Ibid., p. 272.
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in such cases the common curved needle may be employed. The operation
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legislature has made the acts punishable as acts, without ref-
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scars claimed to be evidence of attempted vaccination in
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community to which he ministered. Activity, boldness, and promptitude
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joying the best of health at the end of 4% years — not 3%
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antagonism, and Renault observes that we are justified in
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her, but made a |rood and rapid recovery after her death. He
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wounds were quickly united, with the exception of one small one, which
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our life so as to avoid most of the disasters common to