to be followed, in 3 hours, by a large enema — three pints—
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duce suffocation. From this time lie sank rapidly. Hectic
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rushed into the cellular meshes of the anterior mediastrinum, was
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18. Finally, it may be necessary to perform bronchotomy a second or
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been exterior to the capsule, there would have been a greater
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of injury to the pulmonary tissue, from such an immense
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esis, as that which intervened between the death of the Saviour and
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of six or eight hours. The same acid, with pepsin, dissolved
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The Microscopic Anatomy of the Human Body in health and disease.
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'^Papain is in general use in Germany as a tape-worm remedy,
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the formulas I have seen) ; medium dose, one drachm.
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impression that the treatment of varicose ulcers and varicose veins is most