will present the special objects of the foundation."
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more circumscribed than are the lymphatic infiltrations of ordinary
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cMUiness, and by coryza, slight wre throat, and Iioarsoiess : while in young
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may be tolerated for some years after birth. The cystic fluid may be
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is a slight cough with the painful expectoration of a sticky mucus which
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belladonna pill can be used for a considerable length of time in the hope
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stant. The patient's nutrition often suffers, and he is pale and rather
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Diagnosis. — This is not difficult, when once the source of the pois-
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In order to difierentiate between primary renal affection with second-
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duced by means of a small stomach-tube or catheter passed through the
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recurrences of the painful paroxysms in many instances. It is, however,
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after the effusion has been absorbed. Occasionally the lower portion of
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shows that even in the most extensive left-sided effusion the heart's apex
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tion of the food is thoroughly effected. Too often the quantity of ali-
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founded with pseudo-hypertrophic muscular paralysis, in which the mus-
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passed, there remain still certain instances of renal disease in which
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The ra.les appear in diff'erent seats from time to time, and after coughing
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of the head forward and to the sound side. When occurring alone it is
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these are often learned only after close interrogation, the patient being
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develop in the course of chronic mental diseases. Occasionally, however,
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in individual instances. It embraces not only absolute rest, but also
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excellent results follow the employment of hot sand-baths, which can be
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is not at all uncommon to find associated contractures and sensory phe-
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are no discoverable lesions (coarse) in the nerve-centex's that are peculiar
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ever, are undertaken only when successive reaccumulations of the fluid
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separately or in conjunction — viz. (1) hydromyelia, a dilatation of the
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ties of this form of dust cannot be denied, as shown by the great dispo-
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.... With due apology for the sermon I return to the
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Of the nervous mcmifestations that are often present, neuralgias of