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it takes place in plants, the force must be very great, for we know that
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the doctrines of those who maintained that fever depended on general
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two ohve ; two normal ; and six darker than natural, and much engorged.''
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lution of our school made by the poet-prophet, Oliver Wendell Holmes,
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that he had contraction of the pupils, a symptom of very unfavourable
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resistance ; and in which, in the muscular structure of the left cavities,
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an enormous drainage from the system, and there must be, consequently,
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Something similar to this occurs also in bronchitis, particularly in
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As long as life lasts, no matter how fatal the symptoms may appear
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did. Dr. T. referred to the " Fincke potencies," so called, and de-
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some grounds to suspect the existence of cerebral derangement. I
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" We use in our practice, both kinds of hemp, the Cannabis Indica
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a perfeG cleanfing. Galen lib. de Simp/, fays, that
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hemisphere, gives us a very elaborate paper on the Province and Med-
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The study of morbid anatomy, however, is attended with no ordinary
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on the eastern bank of the Mississippi, about twenty miles above St. Louis.
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On the 9th day, eyes suffused, face flushed, much thirst, no sleep, bowels
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In the fourth case, the impulse on the twelfth day was less perceptible
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vogue. But as the inflammatory was then still subordinate to the
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became also swollen, and there was great dijSiculty in swallowing,
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termed s}Tiochus, petechise seldom occurred earlier than the fourth or
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Wm. C. Anthony, M.D., Princeton, Bureau County, 111.
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had never seen the malignant form of the disease, induced me to for-
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months for " chronic diarrhoea," and was so much reduced as to
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such cases, and not in . those where the hypertrophy and dilatation
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not hesitate to warp the letter as well as the spirit of the law to suit
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changes produced in the larynx by various diseases, as seen by the
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him from bed at night ; and, by the use of cold baths and friction,
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was felt in the back of the head and neck ; urgent headache was com-
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the liver in a state of inflammation of rather a chronic character, and