I will now pass on to consider such cases as presented any
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to rise nearly 2000 feet above the level of Lake Superior. The vast tract
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were obtained. Strychnine appears to sublime within a few degrees of
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until eighteen hours after death, and it might hence possibly be urged, that
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Case VI. William Patterson, setat. 33, born in Pennsylvania, labourer.
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mended by Cooper, the vessel being secured at 27 millimetres above the epi-
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trouble in order to determine what kind of specialist
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nutrition of the nerve often suffers severely from the effects of the
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The patient was soon restored to complete health." — Prov. Med. and Surg.
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versation by saying "Who's this?" be fonns an unfavor-
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cess. He therefore concludes that not a trace of copper or lead existed
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so much, that early in March he ceased from all work, and consulted his phy-
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broken-off hairs projecting through it or, rather, several
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scope, covered with elastic membrane and connected by two
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sensation lasts a few hours, according to tne strength of the dose.
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imperfectly understood; and it is for the purpose of elucidating these points that
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terest, viz. — In how far will the quinia exhibited at the commencement of
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of bile is discharged, in dogs, into the duodenum; but very little, if