head of the bone and the cavity containing it, with the cartilages and

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departments in close connexion with or proximity to other hospitals or

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CONTRACEPTIVES: Two studies have shown a positive association between the dose of estrogens in oral contraceptives and

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drug protocol. The majority of the participants in the

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recommended orders, administrative denial petitions,

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in the phrase " phthisis ah heemoptoe" formerly used by Morton, that pul-

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ic opinion and developed positions concerning these

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The cases described by Mr. Hutchinson are very strong proofs

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“Nutrition in the Pregnant or Lactating Woman,” William J.

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topoietic System Bone marrow depression, agranulocytosis, leuko-

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shown that the administration of 6 g NaCL daily from two

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is of a bright arterial tint, except in those rare cases where aneurisms of

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recognized the need for a coordinated effort; thus, a

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Illustrated. Price $31.50. Grune & Stratton, Inc., New York, 1978.

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1970; and has further served the community by having

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Case V. — John Shelly, a shoemaker, aged twenty-nine, admitted on

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unmanageable patients, being to my own knowledge very temperate in

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Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, he served as President

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hazardous childhood can enjoy a period of growth and

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integrates a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from

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walk with bracing. Low spinal cord and cauda equina

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In addition there has been a realignment and renaming of councils in order that the committees within councils

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electricity is the usual power source of choice but still in

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amount of benefit conferred in a short period that all the consti-

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Delegates. I would urge that each of you obtain a copy of Sturgis for

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West Riding Lunatic Asylum Medical Reports, Vol. II.)

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Like most efficacious remedies, the liquor sodas chlorata? can

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work of Taleisnik and the revival of Destot’s classic have

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for patients with hypertension or with symptomatic cardiovascular

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Chairman of the Florida Insurance Reciprocal, to give a

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plans which must be kept in mind. The donor-patient

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blood availability has greatly increased the safety of major

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" That by applying a ligature of animal tissue antiseptically upon an

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value of this old and much-abused remedy in the tertiary and

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A large, stout, healthy-looking man, thirty-five years of age, was

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hearing as a condition precedent to his right to sue.