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Some of the commoner skin manifestations are brought
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ones. Attendants should not go from infected ground
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that there are some loose pieces of bone that must be
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same plan has been pursued by Dr. Chasseaud, of Smyrna, who
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separation of the eroded tissues. And I -Vrould impress upon tht
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is to use the end to end anastomosis. Here one will
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carbon and sulphur, combines these into bisulphide of carboi^ ft
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valescence. It is customary to consider the green staining
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But there is a question at least in the public mind as
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aspirated or aseptically incised. This treatment is
with a peculiar, "wabbling" gait. There is switching
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Assistant-Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children.
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kind called in modem days " epithelial." If there be no glandular
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'S^/ in 1917, and revised figures show that in 1918
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and both the artist and my doctor vv'ere anxious to
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No. 26, Foii Des Moines, la. ; General Hospital No.
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not necessarily mean that the Bacillus Pfeififer was
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In the spring, when the weather becomes warm, silage
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<Mrgan, as having been devised in accordance with this maxim : hence,
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play." These two expressions reveal, in very truth,
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cles, but simply into the loose tissue beneath the skin.
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size of an Qg^, but in most cases they are small and
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ea| acity that his virtues shone pre-eminent; yet, such was his open, generous nature^
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Plants containing volatile constituents, or those rea^lily alterable
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and, under the microscope, masses of syncytial tissue were
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methods of treatment employed by M. Velpeau in tbe wards of his
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and ofiBcers commanding revenue cutters, to aid in the execution of
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flexly) to the overwrought centre and efferently to
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front of the adductor transversns mnscle, and by the re-
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the tube, not recovering its pristine form, may assume
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fore the desired result is accomplished. One of the
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dition in which the patient was on admission she rallied well
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gative T know that does not aft'ect the milk is castor oil.
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