Softening and rupture of the flexor tendons may always follow

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disappeared nor diminished ; on the contrary, it ended by producing

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gradually diminished, and disappeared entirely during the course of

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morbific agent, and not, in the same degree, a morbid symptom — the

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regarding tumours in animals from the reports made by the professors of clinical medicine

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give up business, frequently raised blood, and could get no sleep at night. A friend

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authorities shall grant any of the qualifications mentioned in Schedule

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mentioned has, more or less perfectly marked, its stage of erythema,

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geal synovial membrane was inflamed, and at points was stained with

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cent letters in the Times by a " Curious Woman", and the announcement

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highly organised, as far as their type is concerned, than are the lowest

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Renault and Delafond in vain tried to communicate the disease from

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in a mare suffering from navicular disease ; but the animal then deve-

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tissue was infiltrated. The part of the cord removed was enlarged,

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which, however, he does not draw a very clear distinc-

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body, it destroys the reputation, it overcomes conti-

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196. A nine-year-old setter dog, entered hospital November 24th,

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ries and the palpitation : thus we have, from the opposition of the

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accessories, that indecency is involved. He says " the physician who

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The stomach itself, which was large and very heavy, was adherent

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Dr. Wynn Williams read a paper on Cancer of the Womb suc-

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and at the same time that it attacks the limbs ; that is to say, almost or

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On the 31st the improvement noted on the previous evening became

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sible, though highly improbable, that future discoveries may demon-

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ration 48 per minute, whilst the pulse was only 44.

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the amount of which increased with exercise. The lymphatic glands

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"At the annual meeting in iS6g, there were on the list 4066 mem-

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of General Secretary, the great assistance rendered by the Honorary

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ing six ounces. The left kidney was small, weighing three ounces ; its