achieved suffrage in that upheaval. The 19th century
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half to two thirds of the daily caloric requirement.
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subjected to intestinal bypass for obesity, lesions similar
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six and a-half hours after, but two doses, petechia; broke out on
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ecthyma, impetigo, farunculus, and in one case a deep abscess under the
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14. Mallory, Thomas H. and Kennedy, Melanie: The Use of Banked Autologous Blood i
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Some of these findings are summarized in Table 4. It
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cases in which, although a mitral murmur (unassociated with any other
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the cases we are now considering are generally so tedious and protracted
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from new modern hospital. Contact: Theodore D. Rahe,
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The authors wish to express their appreciation to Mrs. Diane E.
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consumed daily must, of necessity, be disposed of each day, and, as
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transfusions. For a more detailed consideration of this
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It is now nine days since there was any haemorrhage, but in the
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what our profession is accomplishing in their behalf.
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pital he died, somewhat unexpectedly, and the post-mortem examination
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longer spend time in the cafeteria with their students. The
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my notes of numerous examples of this formidable affection, which
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about 250 cc of blood. This phlebotomy was discontini
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of the late A. Collis, in which the effects of the one poison on the other,
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Services. Richard B. Shaara, M.D., of Gainesville, is
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4584 Lake Holden Hills Drive, Orlando, Florida 32809.
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oxalate in a soluble form which readily may be absorbed.
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drawn just prior to a dose approximately two weeks after