3. Opposing litigation to set aside mediation panels.

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alcohol, that after six weeks of total deprivation from alcoholic

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7. Lieber, C. S., Spritz, N. and DeCarli, L. M.: Fatty liver produced by dietary deficiencies: Its

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of the cyst surrounding the concretion like an Indian-rubber rin" r .

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convolutions at vertex of both hemispheres. — (Reprint from the


Dr. Morgan exhibited a cast illustrating the cure of occlusion of the

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Since then, man himself has generated volumes that in

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distension. Puncture of the legs gave relief for some time, but it was

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organizations, and the FMA-recognized specialty soci-

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care provided to patients in the hospital, for maintenance

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land; Professor of Surgery, University of Edinburgh.

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the expulsion of the foetus, and the seventh from my first visit."

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or trauma site and is then processed and transfused into

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dilated, she was delivered with the forceps. Although much prostrated

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seen it done often with the best consequences. The mere pressure of so

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of the Obstetrical Society of London, and whose name was so well-known

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Utah College of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah 84132.

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This boy had for many years been under his care, and he was enabled to

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1 would then, with great diffidence, suggest that in most cases where

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and loose bodies. Power instruments are also becoming

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make any perceptible difference in the sound on percussion. Its extent of

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groups submitting their scientific section programs for

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cases were admitted and delivered from that district, among which we

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function reported occasionally with chlordiazepoxide HCI,

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these muscles, and the investigation of the action of skew and

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many had signed to get rid of the importunity of the persons who hawked

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tant organisms limits the usefulness of all antibacterials, espe-

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etc.” helps put them at ease. They are often gratified that

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Millions of people earn their living in the health field, not

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hearts occasionally present ; it had undergone fatty degeneration, and

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considered the patient was in no state for operation. Mr. Carte's

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asserted that marked putridity and acidity conjoined is a chemical