12. United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare,
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11. Hudson LD, Sbarbaro J: Twice weekly tuberculosis chemo-
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Joint Disease in connection with Locomotor Ataxy. 279
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the seventh intercostal space a little in front of the line of the
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a distance of between 2 and 3 inches. Owing to its free
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weeks before the date of his illness the patient had a slight
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He married Hewson's sister, and died of pulmonary consumption at Bristol, March
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more liable to become sensitized to many substances,
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sioned, there is commonly an inflammation of the inguinal
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represents the state of our knowledge of the subject at the
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tissues — may result either from an irritative lesion of a nerve
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abnormal " specks " in the right vocal cord and proposed an
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from within the larynx. Excision of the larynx was therefore
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APPLY TO: Director, The Page and William Black Post-Graduate
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methacin or phenylbutazone are quite effective in reducing
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-following Table shoivs the duration of the illness, the character of the cells
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genes’ products, i.e., viral proteins. These proteins have been
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to be admitted, for I observed the vesicles equally unchanged
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order is received after due date must accompany the order.
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Institute that several of New Jersey’s counties do show
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We see that, as in the case of the pleura, the pericardium is more
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terns may appear during and after treatment, blood dys-
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side of the face. She had had diabetes for one year and ap-
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getting from the thorax into the cellular membrane ? And is
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figs. 274-8; and Dr. Willis's tr. of Wagner's Note cxviii*.