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Cyclopedia of American Medical Biography. By Howard A.

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The case of Phenolphthalein offers another instance where a special

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broad condemnation was based, I am at a loss to know whether

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and were in turn determined by those that preceded. The proc-

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pulsates, and very soon the tissues become edematous. With-

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elements, both in size and numbers. But Watts did not espe-

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and intima, with secondary proliferative change. In most cases the aortic

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gates in all cases in which they are not inconsistent or in

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Conversely all stomach cases should be submitted to

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and as to whether the tension of the eye was increased. From an inspec-

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Place North, Plattsburgh 12901. Tel: 518/563-3708 or

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the body. This diminution in the number of terponemata does not

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physically or mentally." In his earlier lecture before the Socio-

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both in the procedural sense and in the final use and misuse

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specially adapted institutions for the feeble-minded grew from

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Active and Passive Immunization against Plague. By Wade H.

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hazard no matter how desperate, provided only operation

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signs of weakness digitalis should be used or digitalin hypodermically or

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Sec. 14. Said lands shall be kept in a condition of cleanliness and

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controls. In spite of significantly higher mean white blood

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Engineer, Ohio State Board of Health. 9, Sewage Purification — Mr. W.

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president-elect, the immediate past-president, the secre-

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year. Six months ago, we investigated a case in which a

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1, Typhoid Fever, A. B. Campbell, Orrville. 2, Hyoscin-Morphin Anes-

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000 several days apart seemed to have no effect or at best to produce a

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which seemed to make the conclusion of Colles logical and cor-

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of visits, suggest that the severity of the problem is

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to Secure Practical Results in Anatomical Teaching," by Henry McE.

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danger of thrombosis had been shown experimentally to be a slight one.

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tion. Pearson says : "Today we feed our criminals up, and

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and in the lower extremities ; dizziness and at various times scotomata,

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January 1978/New York State Journal of Medicine 163

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year are the Administration’s disputed hospital cost con-

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stead of chronic, dilatation of the stomach and a pyloric car-

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