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membrane is very red, swollen, and infiltrated, with marked inflammatory

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senses, especially smell, taste, and hearing, is not uncommon.

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running back from each end, often described as a "high forehead," associ-

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or similar pastimes calling for too severe muscular exertion.

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whether the urine is acid or alkaline; second, as to whether one species of

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Marriage and occupation seem to be unimportant in the etiology.

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was swelling of one leg. The frequency and difficulty of urination are similar

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process is limited to those parts which have been frequently the subject of

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fingers in three or four sisters. I know one family in which the mother

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kidney has been determined, even if an exploratory nephrotomy is necessary,

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tions were made by Potain, E. Rose, and others, but we owe our modem

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it moves with them, rising in swallowing. The processus pvramidalis,"

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resistance to both acute and chronic disease evidently far below the average.

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set up if pyogenic bacteria are present. Those cases of ureteritis and peri-

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Treatment. — Prophylaxis. — The most important task in connection with

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noted, should arouse suspicion when this condition is found in the young,