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fish. Many of them eat two pounds of rice daily, and at each of the
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countries. Among others may be mentioned Charcot, 3 who in 1881
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In two cases of subacute hepatitis occurring in association with
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erally depressed nutrition. Then a good dietary, with not too many
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lowed by similar acute cachexia ending fatally within a week, while
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Case 51. — A woman, aged 35, entered the hospital Aug. 6, 1915. A diag-
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flaxen, or pale red. Epileptics, cataleptics, ecstatics, thought-readers,
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leading to disordered brain action ; but these agencies produce different
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latter are the causes of the swellings and elevations observed.
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progressively increasing doses of horse serum. 17 He determined the
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1. The number of recognized incident cases of pellagra in Spartan-
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only reached by an examination of the whole body, which discloses
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Treatment consisted of six doses of 0.6 gm. of salvarsan at weekly inter-
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ical differences which distinguish different individuals. Much has been
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ments with the evaporated fluidextract, but this was not sufficiently
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and bring some method into large groups of things which before had
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parents with only one parent showing pellagra. They have 752 chil-
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Scholz 1 conducted rather complete experiments with a woman suf-
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sult of trauma from violent effort, assumed to be from severe cough.
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this protein. These conditions can hardly be afforded by the human
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venesection from the arm is a most valuable measure. Cardiac
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among whom they live ; but this may be due simply to their sober
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years before an appendectomy was done, since which time the present illness
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tive share of the nervous and muscular elements in the production of
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and sometimes constitutes a prominent element of the various changes
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atheroma may be manifested without arteriosclerosis.
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by a large cystic ovarian tumor, which had been repeatedly tapped and was
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The weak action of the heart calls for the use of the analeptics and
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cardiac stimulants, especially with caffeine, and is sometimes relieved
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or nonrecurrence of pellagra in this population may be most clearly
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The diet next used was one calculated to contain protein 150 gm.,
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accepted value. The sum of the protein nitrogen and the nitrogen of
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assigned as a cause. According to this observer the chronic aortitis
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cover an area whose largest diameter varies from 100 to 700 microns, generally