tion. Certain constitutional conditions are supposed to be favorable to their
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it is possible for it to be developed in all latitudes and in all countries.
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Every precaution should be taken to prevent the occurrence of gan-
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will diroe-t attention to this organ, and if the laryngoscope is used the ex-
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and the patient is then the victim of secondary or tertiary syphilis,
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current. Should any obstruction exist at either of the auriculo-ventricular
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of the lung. Signs of pleurisy, bronchitis, emphysema, or catarrhal pneu-
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coma does. They are circumscribed, diffuse slowly, and generally affect
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tissues, bone, periosteum, muscles, viscera, liver, lungs, etc. The path-
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them, the combination indicates trifling obstruction with considerable in-
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may be from one to twelve inches, but is usually about four and one-
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Pleurisy is either a partial or general inflammation of one or both pleurae.
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cheesy masses with tubercles and interlacing fibrous bands. Giant cells
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which will be described differently by different patients. In many in-
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it is not absolute. Gas seems to pass readily. There is an impulse on
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carefully examined the subject, both in its literature and clinically, I am
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external fistulous opening may be formed. Localized suppurative inflam-
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They are used more in combination with other more active remedies than
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removed, care being taken to destroy the matrix so the nail will not
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internal urethrotomy, by division within the urethra, or external
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days. Bed-sores, cystitis, etc., usually cause the case to terminate fatally
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^ ., ,,?.^''"l''^fTl?^^''r7' .• later become melanotic. In
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This institution is a special centre for the training of midwiyes.
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drawings were, in most instances, made from sections prepared in the Lab-
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cavity of the tunica vaginalis testis communicates with the pouch ex-
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Diagram showing Physical Signs in Pleurisy with EfEusion ; pleural cavity filled with fluid.